Queerspawn: children of queers… that simple, right? Probably not…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this term and what it means to others, what it means to us, and what it may mean to our daughter someday.

I think I first heard the term in college, but immediately associated it with a good friend from high school. He was raised by many parents and has turned into one of the greatest men I know. I think he embodies queerspawn in a way that I hope our daughter will someday. I remember one of the first times we hung out, he put on red high heals and danced around the room to a Tina Turner song. In retrospect, I don’t think this had anything to do with his own sexual identity or even gender identity, but embodied a sort of freedom and non-normative rolemodeling around gender/sexuality.

The reality of the world is that disenfranchised and oppressed groups create their own culture in order to survive and thrive. Queers have done the same. I think what I have learned from my friend is that he will always be a member of queer culture, regardless of who he dates or ends up with, because that is the culture within which he was raised.

This onsie is from our queerspawn friend...

As I think about our daughter’s future, I hope that she will always find a home in our queer family, our queer community, and the queer culture at large. I think that is what makes queerspawn.

I hope that this identity and connection to culture will help her deal with some of the harassment she will get for having two moms. I hope it will help her deal with her own gender and sexual development. I hope it gives her a lens through which to view the world that both acknowledges the realities of oppression and empowers her to create change.

See my friend’s amazing post about being thankful for turkey basters here.


2 comments on “Queerspawn

  1. CS says:

    I love your posts and hope you continue to write about this topic as our baby engages with her queer culture. It reminds me of how important our community and family are. I think we have done a great job of surrounding ourselves with positive role modles (just think of all our close friends) and they will certainly have an impact on who our baby becomes. She’s going to be pretty bad-ass I think!

  2. darnellsw says:

    So touched, moved and inspired by your post, Rachel. I think you’ve beautifully captured a few things that are central to being queerspawn. And I love your new blog banner! PS: I haven’t thought about the Tina Turner number for years! Might be about time to dust that one off. Love to you and the fam.

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