My hair is shorter than my wife’s hair

So I finally cut my hair short. I have wanted to do this for a long time. I never did the big “I’m a lesbian, I’m going to shave my head like Ani Difranco.” But I have always wanted to cut it all off and I’ve always felt like I somehow missed a queer right of passage by not chopping of all my hair.

Now it is short. It is a pixie cut and still feminine. But the first time it occurred to me what we now look like (2 dykes with short hair with a baby), it made me very happy. Which doesn’t mean long hair makes you less of a dyke, but somehow for me, it felt like it did.

What I am looking for is visibility. Especially now that I am a parent. However, the haircut alone does not a visible queer make.

So I turn to you, dear reader, fellow queer, fashinistas.

How do I become a more visible queer mom?



4 comments on “My hair is shorter than my wife’s hair

  1. Jill Landau Reich says:

    Honestly I would not know. I think you look beautiful! Jill

  2. hemasara says:

    Before I cut my hair short, my wife and I were constantly read as straight… (I still remember when we were having a picnic and cuddling in a park when some guy came up to us and asked if we were sisters… seriously? if you knew us, it’d be an even funnier statement…)

    I think when I was younger, i compensated for my not being read as queer with buttons and pins and stickers on my person/bag/backpack/dorm room/everywhere…(I had a YES I AM button…oh yes i did)

    not so into that anymore…. but what about some queer spawn baby carriage bling?
    maybe not rainbows…cause i know how some folks who will not be named feel about rainbows…but some kind of symbol?

  3. darnellsw says:

    I can make you one of the Dyke Mama shirts I made for my mom. Made her an apron too. 🙂

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