Hey all,

Thought I would copy this idea from my friend over at freckles in the fog.

Just a little window into our day today:

loving: the trains and how close we live to them. Today the little one and I took the purple train, the red train, the green train, AND the orange train. The best part is that I think I got more excited than she did. It was such a fun adventure and included a trip to a playground along the charles river that we had never been to before and has super fun exactly-the-right-sized play structures.

reading: postpartum doula reading continues. Right now, its LLL’s Mother Multiples as I prepare for my first ppd gig for two of my best friends (in case you can’t tell from the book title, they will be having twins). It is really a wonderful book as it realistically discusses the challenges of multiples, but also discusses ways to be intervention free during birth as well as some of the cool ways in which twins help each other out as they learn how to breastfeed. My favorite examples is how one twin might be a stronger breastfeeder than the other, and that twin will help with milk production while the other one figures it out. Pretty cool.

watching: most of my tv watching is online, so tomorrow I look forward to another episode of project runway. Not quiet as good as cooking reality shows, but so many bitchy queers, its hard not to love it. Of course always with a critical eye :). Also re-watching Ugly Betty, because hello?!? it is the best. Can we discuss Justin’s development at some point?

thinking about: turning to hit the mark. We always go to the Boston Workmen’s Circle for the high holidays. It is so lovely and reflective and reminds us to think about whats important for the new year. We don’t so much recite a list of sins as thinking about how we can better “hit the mark” during the next year, specifically around how we treat each other and how we work towards social justice.

stressing about: the little one’s hitting. Will post more about this one at some point. It means being with our friends can be stressful at times. I’m trying to let her and her friends figure out how to communicate best, but sometimes it means being on top of her, a lot, to make sure she doesn’t hurt other kids. SO stressful.

looking forward to: two new babies in our lives (see reading above), as well as an old and good friends wedding out in the catskills. The timing of said babies will determine whether or not we go to said wedding. Either way both are wonderful!

making me happy: long and unplanned days with the little one. Her giggle, her super toothy grin, and her kisses.

till next time,


2 comments on “Currently

  1. LBN says:

    thanks for the shout-out! I love reading what others are currently up to 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    Love this!

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